Bespoke Projects

No matter what your needs we will develop a high-quality flexible solution enabling you to adapt to future business needs. We base our solutions around the idea that they should not just work to solve the immediate problem but will continue to work effectively as your business develops, adding predictability to your operations and reducing costs.

Identity and Access Management

Managing access to data is critical for ensuring its security and its usefulness for business operations. Unauthorised individuals must not be able to access critical data and authorised individuals should have their identities verified efficiently to prevent delays, they should also only be allowed to access data for its intended purpose and not abuse their legitimate access. Our Identity and access management solutions are specially adapted to fit your needs, ensuring that the right people can access data when required and preventing it from falling into the wrong hands.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Resilient infrastructure is essential in many businesses, the failure of a critical system for even a few minutes may result in significant losses. We have decades of experience of building resilience into systems to ensure they can continue to operate even in the face of multiple failures. Despite anyone’s best efforts, not all failures can be prevented. We can help you to plan for disasters both by implementing automated failover of critical systems to backups and by developing and training your teams in disaster recovery plans, ensuring that should a disaster strike, your staff are trained to respond efficiently to keep systems running.

Secure E-commerce Application Development

The security of your online commerce platform is paramount. A compromise may lead to the loss of your customers’ payment information, both harming your reputation and resulting in lawsuits or administrative fines. A compromise to an e-commerce platform will have a direct impact on your business as a lack of trust in the platform will result in fewer payments. We develop applications based on modern security standards and best practices ensuring you and your customers can feel confident in your platform.

Security program and strategy

An effective security program forms the foundation for secure operations. We will develop a security strategy which aligns with your business requirements, provide the implementation and training to ensure its effectiveness and monitor its use and effectiveness to ensure it continues to meet your ongoing business needs.

Strategy and IT Operations

As organisations require increasingly complex solutions, robust operations management is key to ensuring that complex business-critical systems continue to function. Employing our decades of experience in business continuity management our experts will develop systems to ensure effective management and continuous improvement of your IT operations.