Security Strategy & Architecture

Make security work for your business

Security is often seen as an impediment to business goals. The requirement for increased authentication and access control can create bottlenecks and slow down business operations. Security is however an essential requirement of businesses, whether that is to protect their own critical data and systems or to comply with legal requirements. Security architecture must therefore be aligned with business goals, ensuring that all security requirements are met without creating undue disruption to business operations.

Secure enterprise architecture

Security cannot be seen as its own silo, operating independently of the overall enterprise and information technology architecture. Security systems must be designed with references to the business processes they are securing and meet the requirements to ensure optimal efficiency of those processes.

Making your business secure

A secure business must know what processes, data and systems it needs to protect. Once these are identified, a strategy can be developed to ensure appropriate security considerations are baked into every aspect of the business’s processes.