Security Program & Strategy Services

Security by design

Security is only as strong as your weakest link. Increase your ROI by including security at the design stage of each project. You should choose a provider which has enough experience to ensure that no aspect of project risk is overlooked. Our decades of expertise across verticals assures that you are in good hands. Any gaps in your IT staff’s knowledge affects the security posture of your organisation. Makin an independent security provider accountable ensures conflict of interest is mitigated and will provide dedication and better performance.


Necessity of a security program

Top management conveys the security appetite of the organisation to the staff through a security program. Many organisations are drawn in by a security theatre, having a lot of information on paper which is not enacted in practice. A rapidly changing threat landscape and inertia in organisation culture does not help either. Management can utilise easy strategies which help provide insight into these business challenges so you can focus on your core business.


Risk mitigation

With an ever increasing number of threats and vulnerabilities, organisations face higher levels of risk than ever before. These risks affect the probability of success of projects and, if not properly managed, can result in loss of profits or of business. The cost of mitigating a risk should not exceed the cost of accepting it.


Optimised benefits

Reduced risk profile benefits by not only providing resilience to your business but also encourages business growth by providing assurances to existing and prospective customers and building your brand image.