Security Metrics

Is your security strategy working?

Once implemented a security strategy must be tested to ensure that it delivers the required outcomes. Our experience in security systems design and implementation allows us to design metrics appropriate to your organisation to test the effectiveness of your strategy. By gaining visibility into the results of your security systems we can determine the level of reduction in risk they provide to ensure they are tuned correctly.

Is your security strategy worth it?

By measuring the costs of your security strategy, not just design and implementation costs but also costs from factors including delays caused by increased levels of authentication as well as the levels of risk reduction they provide, we can perform a cost benefit analysis of whether your security systems are economical. By identifying whether the cost of security systems is proportionate to the benefit they provide, we can help you to redesign systems to maximize your ROI.

Demonstrate your compliance

Visibility into the effectiveness of your security systems will help to convince regulators that you are compliant and shows that you take a pro-active approach to information security.