Secure e-commerce application development

Turn your visitors into customers

An e-commerce platform provides no benefit if no one is buying. We will design your platform to encourage spending through a combination of powerful development, intuitive and attractive design, online marketing and trustworthy security. We know that your customers expect their payment details to be handled securely when shopping online and will employ all best practices to ensure that customers can shop safely on your platform.

Protect your reputation

An attack on an e-commerce system poses significant costs to an organization. You may have to provide credit monitoring to affected customers, face regulatory fines and be open to lawsuits from customers seeking compensation. You will also face reputation damage which can result in the loss of customers and of future business. Once you have been compromised, the trust that was broken will take a long time to rebuild. Our decades of experience in information security and secure application development assures you that we will build an application that you and your customers can trust.

Grow your business

As your business scales you will need an e-commerce application that scales with it. Our applications are designed from the ground up with scale-ability in mind, leaving you secure in the knowledge that you can pursue new business opportunities without requiring a redesigned system.

Our solutions

  • Development of custom e-commerce platforms
  • Implementation of popular open source e-commerce platforms
  • Custom modules and extensions development
  • Integration with ERP systems and warehouse systems
  • Search engine optimization
  • Maintaining and customizing your existing e-commerce application