Risk and Compliance

Business operations carry risks. Often, particularly in highly regulated industries, these risks come in the form of compliance requirements. The penalties for failure to meet these requirements can come in the form of fines, failure in tendering for contracts, lawsuits and loss of existing business.

Our risk and compliance experts will give you the tools and advice you need to ensure you can meet your compliance requirements.


Enterprise risk management

By viewing risk across the enterprise as a whole we will help you to identify interconnected risks between processes and systems, allowing you to have a clearer understanding of your risk profile across the business and allowing you to direct resources to reduce risk in the most efficient way.


Security audit and advisory services

Audit is an essential means for ensuring the security of your systems. A third-party validation will give you, your investors, your customers and your suppliers the confidence that your security practices are sufficient.


ISO 27001

The use of an internationally recognised information security standard will show to your stakeholders that you take security seriously, giving you a better chance when tendering for contracts and helping you to avoid attention from regulators. ISO 27001 will also give your security system an overarching structure, allowing you to validate the success of your systems and ensure value for money.


Secure Operations

Physical security is a prerequisite of information security. We will ensure that your hardware remains free from interference, implementing controls to prevent unauthorised access and to prevent unauthorised activity by those who have legitimate access such as employees.