IT Service and Change Management

Change to systems and processes is often necessary to enable IT operations to scale with business growth. Introducing a change also carries risks, if a new system is not compatible with other interdependent systems, a change may have knock on effects creating far more problems than the change solved. The change may not be as effective as expected and not create enough value to justify the cost of implementation. To ensure that changes are managed in a way that meets business objectives while avoiding risks a constant focus on both is required.

Focus on objectives

For a change to be beneficial it must meet business objectives at an appropriate cost. Our experience means we can help you to design changes which meet your objectives at the minimum cost.

Understand the risks

When a change is implemented, there is a risk that it does not meet its objectives, it may also cause failures in interdependent systems or may simply not work at all. These risks must be managed to ensure the change is effective and that, in the event of failure, a contingency plan is available to allow business operations to continue. We can help you to identify and mitigate these risks from the planning stage right through to implementation.