Identity & Access Management

Right resources, right time, right reasons

Any business process which relies on access to restricted data depends on identity and access management controls. Users who need access for approved purposes must be able to gain it and outsiders must be prevented from gaining access. Businesses need to control this access and keep records of who has access to which resources and why that access has been given.

Control Access Risk

While allowing users access to all resources may speed up operations, it increases access risk. Data which can be accessed by more people is more susceptible to damage or theft. By limiting access to data assets, we can reduce your risk exposure and ensure the business takes on no more risk than it needs to.

Investigate Incidents

Access must also be monitored to ensure accountability in the event of an incident. When data is compromised it is essential to know which accounts were accessing the data at the time of the breach. This provides vital clues as to how the breach occurred and will improve the effectiveness of both internal and regulatory investigations.

Streamline authentication

Use of federated identity solutions across different platforms and services allows you to control all online identities used by a single individual from one system, reducing the administrative overhead of account management as well as reducing the number of passwords that users need to remember. This streamlines business operations and reduces the risk of users choosing weak passwords or leaving them on notes on their desks.