Business Continuity Management

Our business continuity training will enable your top management to make the right decisions to ensure your business is resilient to threats. Our course will ensure your manages have the skills to:

  • Understand the basic principles of business continuity, staff will be trained in understanding the nature of threats and the impact they can have on businesses, they will understand the key concepts and terminology used by business continuity professionals
  • Perform a business impact analysis, staff will be able to identify in a structured way the impact a threat could have on a business
  • Evaluate risk, taking into account the expected impact of a threat as well as its likelihood, staff will be trained in evaluating the overall level of risk caused by a threat, allowing them to priorities continuity plans around the most severe threats
  • Choose a resumption strategy, following an incident, steps will have to be taken to restore business as usual. We will train your staff in a variety or resumption strategies and give them the tools they need to choose the right one for any given scenario
  • Develop emergency, continuity and incident management plans, staff will be able to devise detailed plans describing how the business will respond to threats and recover from emergency situations
  • Exercise the continuity plan, staff will be able to rehearse and test continuity plans to ensure they will work as expected in an emergency scenario

Cultivating resilience

Businesses face a number of threats which, if realized, may have a significant impact on business operations. Businesses must be able to respond to those threats to prevent damage to brand, reputation and profitability while ensuring that day-to-day business operations can continue.

Identifying threats

Threats to business IT infrastructure include security breaches, system failure, and loss of essential third party services. Understanding these threats and how they would affect business operations were they realized is essential for ensuring the business would be able to respond to ensure continued operation.

Developing a plan

We will help you to develop a plan to ensure that the business can respond to the threats it faces, including scenarios where multiple threats are realized at the same time, ensuring that your core business operations can carry on. Our decades of experience ensure that the plan is workable and economically viable for the organization.

Testing the plan

To ensure a business continuity plan it must be tested. This involves testing against scenarios and running practical rehearsals of how the plan would be enacted if a threat or combination of threats were to be realized. We will monitor the effectiveness of your business continuity strategy and ensure it is workable and kept up to date in a changing threat landscape.

Business continuity management

Business operations face a number of threats. A business continuity plan will identify strategies to mitigate these threats, allowing business operations to continue. We will analyze the risks facing your business and implement and test a plan to defend your core operations against threats.

IT governance and risk management

In a demanding business environment good governance and risk management are vital for ensuring the success of projects. Our experts will help you to understand your risk profile and provide you with deep visibility into your operations, enabling you to work within known levels of risk.

IT operations improvement

As your business develops it will begin to outgrow its infrastructure, each generation of infrastructure and operational practices must be more effective and more efficient than the last. We will help you to design efficient practices and systems which can continue to be optimized over the course of their life-cycle.