Bespoke Projects

In addition to our wide range of standard services we also offer bespoke solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. We can offer innovative solutions to complex business problems including, identity and access management, disaster recovery and development of secure e-commerce applications. In these areas there is never a ‘one size fits all’ answer and the solution in one organization will not be appropriate for another. We will tailor these projects to your specific needs but ensure we adhere to a core set of principles which we believe are key to any project.

Maximize efficiency

Projects should be designed to improve the efficiency of organizations, removing unnecessary costs and consolidating and unifying systems where possible. Projects should introduce as few operational overheads as possible and streamline existing systems wherever possible.

Sustainable delivery

When the project is handed over it should not pose an undue burden on the organization, we will ensure that staff are appropriately trained to use and maintain the products and that the ongoing costs of the project are kept to a minimum.

Flexibility and control

One of the biggest concerns for customers when outsourcing projects is a loss of visibility and control. We recognize that it is your needs the project must meet and will therefore involve you at every stage of the process to ensure that the project meets your needs throughout its life cycle.