Awareness & Training

Human error is your biggest risk

The majority of all security breaches are caused by human error. Employees may fall victim to phishing attacks, allow malware to be installed on their devices, use weak passwords or leave devices unlocked, allowing attackers to bypass sophisticated security measures designed to keep them out. While technological solutions can mitigate many of these risks, a security-aware user base is a key component in your defensive strategy.

Train staff to understand the risks

To be able to follow best practices staff must understand the risks and be trained in avoiding them. They should be trained in recognising common attacks such as phishing attacks and taught why and how to select strong passwords. Users should be sent pretend phishing emails to train them to recognise them. Seminars should also be delivered periodically to ensure staff stay up to date with the role they must play in keeping the network secure.

Build a security culture

An organisation which takes security seriously throughout its operations will promote vigilance and adherence to best practice in staff, reducing the risk that any one member will fall victim to an attack. When staff are trained in security and begin to take it seriously, you gain a new layer of defence as staff will be more likely to report attacks that they encounter, not fall victim to them.